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one (1)

10inch f/6 - Meade SCT {finder scope, hand control, extension cord, and storage case}

Sorry - no picture currently available.

Telescope and finder donated by: Anonymous

*Note*: no tripod/mount - may some day be mounted on old equitorial mount (white - homemade) located at Gardner, CO. Could be used for astro-photography!


No Electronics; manual operation only. Location: Gardner,CO..

one (1)

6inch f/6 - Handmade Dobson {mirror by Edmunds Scientific, and "red dot" finder}

Telescope donated by: Ken Shotts

Finder donated by: Bob Litton



one (1)

8 inch f/6 Dobson {Use "red dot" or Telrad finder}

Telescope donated by: Anonymous

*Note*: Also borrowed eyepieces set (see below).


On Loan to Ron B. {member CSAS}

one (1)

60mm f/15 - Tasco Galaxysee refractor {Eyepiece holder: 1.25in dia., and tripod with equitorial mount}

Telescope donated by: Lois Quick



one (1)

120mm f/9 - Celestron refractor (no mount)

Telescope donated by: Ken Farentino


Needs a mount with a dovetail track.

It could be used to build a "wheelchair" accessible telescope - need to add a first surface mirror. Mount tube in polar alignment facing the first surface mirror. Tilt table for the FSM?, etc.

one (1)

13.1 in. f/4 Coulter telescope {Dobson-"like" mount, needs rework/modification}

Sorry - no picture is available at this time.

Telescope donated by: Darryl Zimmer


Location - Gardner, CO.

one (1)

10in f/10 - Meade SCT {Set of Meade brand eyepieces (1.25in; 6mm - 35mm; Nebula filter, neutral density (ie "moon") filter), and tripod - alt-az mount.}

Donated by: Don Cram


Ongoing CSAS inspection and identification. Not yet available. TBD

one (1)

CELESTRON, 1.25 inch eyepiece case containing:

1- 32mm Plossl eyepiece

1- 20mm eyepiece

1- 12.5mm Plossl eyepiece

1- 2X achromatic Barlow

1- No. 96 neutral density (moon) filter

1- No. 80A blue filter

1- No. 56 dark green filter

1- No.21 orange filter

1- "Magnet powered" red LED flashlight

Donated by: Dennis Anderson


On loan to Ron B. (member CSAS)

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Last date compiled: 23 Sept. 2016



DOWNLOAD #1 - Calculates the resulting dimensions of pictures taken with your CCD camera. You enter the characteristics of your camera (how large the pixels are; how many pixels; etc.) and the spreadsheet will tell you how large (or small) the final field of view will be. Can the object (say Jupiter) fit in the picture frame? Or will it spill over?

DOWNLOAD #2 - Did you ever wonder if that new telescope that you are thinking of buying will perform to your expectations or not? This spreadsheet will tell you how it stacks up to those expectations. With this spreadsheet you can changes settings to explore what your "ideal" telescope parameters should be! Or you can even see how the large observatory telescopes compare with each other! Lots of fun.


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