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Sept. 12, 2020

Far Scape

Jul 09, 2020

C/2020 F3 (Neowise)

Nov 11, 2019

Mercury Transit

Aug 21, 2017

Total Solar Eclipse

May 09, 2016

Mercury Transit

Jan 10, 2015

C/2014-Q2 (Lovejoy)

April 2014

Total Lunar eclipse

5 June 2012 - Venus Transit

Picture was taken using a visible light filter (Baader film).

March 2012 - M95 + nova 2012

M95 located below the constellation LEO has a star which went nova. This 90 second shot barely shows it.

March 2012 - Hind's Crimson Star

Better know as "R" Lepus, Hind's Crimson star is a sight worth seeing. To the eye, it appears to be a deep reddish color. The "white balanced" camera shot makes it appear "yellowish".

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20 Feb. 2009 - Comet C2007-N3 (Lulin)

Composite of six "still" frames (6sec./exposure) over a period of six minutes. Lulin is moving out of our Solar System (speed in this picture = 134,780 MPH), so it is actually slowing down after its encounter with our Sun.


1st Dec. 2008 - Conjunction

07 Oct 2007 - Moon Venus Saturn conjunction

This picture was taken thru a double pane screened window. Hence the diffraction spikes and the "false" image of the moon.

20 FEB 2008 - Lunar Eclipse

Begins - 07:30PM MDST [14:30 UTC]
Ends - 11:30PM MDST [18:30 UTC]

Below is a picture of the eclipse (as the moon began to leave the Earth's umbra). Unfortunately, high thin clouds kept the conditions for observing the eclipse less than optimal. But then, the best weather should be saved for RMSS!

Saturn is on the left-hand side, the eclipsed moon is obviously red.

June 29, 2010 thru July 2, 2010 - RMSS

This event is held annually in Gardner, Colorado. For more information visit